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Casa Wild was initiated to help and protect wildlife and its ecosystems. We have a passion for conservation and wildlife and it is our mission to protect it. We have experienced, first-hand, the urgency and pressure wildlife and its ecosystems are under. Without wildlife, our ecosystems are broken and with a broken ecosystem, we as humans are in big trouble. The removal of one animal is a huge disruption to an entire ecosystem and at the rate, we are going many animals are about to be wiped out.

Wildlife, such as the rhino and pangolin, are currently fighting a horrific poaching war, one that they never chose to enter, nor able to fight for themselves. So it is our responsibility to be their voice. Without our help, we as humans will not have the privilege of sharing this world with them. The extinction of these animals is as close as 20 years away. 

How we support this cause: 

  • We donate 40% of our profits to conservation and wildlife protection. 
  • We have sourced and work with some of the most talented brands in Africa to develop homeware and leisure products. 
  • These brands share our core values of supporting local/ small businesses and uplifting communities by hiring local. 
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